Our People

Ehis Kelly Osagiede LL.B, B.L

Ehis is a seasoned commercial lawyer who has practiced before various courts of records in Nigeria and has been involved in complex commercial transactions requiring, compliance, regulations, secretarial services and corporate governance.
Ehis has been involved in the formation of budding companies, and in providing advisory on legal frame work, pre and post compliance requirements for such companies.
Ehis has also represented various high net worth individuals in Real Estate Transactions around the city of Abuja and beyond, providing services that are not limited to property brokerage and management, due diligence at land registries and conduct of sale and acquisition of properties.
Ehis is an active member of the Section on Business Law (SBL) of the Nigeria Bar Association.

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Franca Odine LL.B, B.L, LL.M

Franca is an experienced commercial litigation lawyer who has been engaged in complex contractual commercial transactions, compliance and regulatory services and company secretarial services.
Franca brings to bare her 8 years plus experience in the profession.
She has advised companies in and outside of Abuja on several compliance and tax issues, business permits, expatriate quotas and ancillary foreign participation concerns in Nigeria.
Franca is an active member of the Nigeria Bar Association.
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